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The Spirit of Crusade
This pictorial map illustrates the Albigensian crusade against the Cathars which set the South of France ablaze in the thirteenth century.

The Fisher King
The Fisher King poster merges Buddhist, Christian and Arthurian influences into a single ‘life wheel’.

of the
Round Table

This chart includes the heraldic emblems of all of the Arthurian knights named on the Round Table at Winchester. Connected to King Arthur.

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From the beginning of time, human beings have endeavoured to explain life’s mysteries through myths, legends and fairy tales. Universal truths are too abstract and monumental to be approached directly. They are best expressed in parable form and with the free use of heroes, dragons, monsters, beauteous maidens and mystic quests to symbolise the challenges along the way in man's search for fulfilment.

Myths are such parables. Their stories are frequently beyond the bounds of possibility, but when viewed as colourful illustrations of life’s challenges, they throw new light on the human condition in an infinite variety of ways. The maps and charts of Forrester Roberts are intended to clarify the legends in this manner. They help to illuminate the hidden recesses where so many colourful encounters were said to have taken place.

They are not intended to lend historical substance to what is essentially parable, but to tempt the reader to go and search for himself, not for fragments of pottery or rusty swords, but for the deeper insights and softer music that can be found in contemplation and quiet places.

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